What are cosmeceuticals?

You probably have already come across the word “cosmeceutical” but have you ever wondered what it means or actually is? In simple terms, it is a combination of the two words “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical”. Cosmeceutical products have properties from both categories, they are primarily cosmetic products that have some added benefit or drug-like activity without actually being drugs. They are the middle point if you like between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. For example, a moisturising cream that has added vitamin ERead more

Vitamins C & E – Do they work in skin care?

Vitamins C and E are vital for our body to function normally. Vitamin C protects cells while keeping them working normally, leading to healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage. It is an essential part of collagen synthesis [1] and skin lipid synthesis [1, 2] making it an effective anti-ageing and moisturising ingredient and it helps protect against, and reverse, the effects of UV light (this is clinically proven by many scientific studies!). If you are still not convinced, thereRead more